Calendars Used For Promotional Advertising Have Long Been Collected

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One of the first gifts I remember giving my mother as a youth was a promotional wall calendar that had a dowel rod at the top and a fabric banner that hung underneath.   The calendar was screened on the fabric and had some decorative look to it.   I was six or seven years old…with no job…no bank account, but I was able to talk the local hardware store owner out of the calendar so I could give my mother for Christmas.

Of course, my mother overlooked the fact the calendar had some store advertising on it and I did not actually pay for the calendar.   Far be it for her to have ruined my holiday surprise.   But the truth is, this calendar became a staple fixture in our home that hung there for nearly two decades being replaced annually with a new one.

My mother, bless her heart, saved each and every calendar I gave her.   Now, I’m not sure if she saved it for the sentimental value so much as the fact once the year was done she would wash the calendar and use it for a dish towel.   Point is, my mother was a calendar collector long before I even knew such a thing existed.

Over the years calendars used for advertising have shown up on many unique items, such as this collectible plate.

Today, check out any selling site on the Internet and you will see old calendars have great value to collectors.   In fact, sites such as eBay, TheFind, and similar sites often have large categories of collectible old advertising calendars for sale.

Indeed, over the years calendars have been included on just about everything.   China plates, coffee mugs, T-shirts, you name it.   If you could advertise on it and in the process place a calendar…it then became a unique collectible item of value to someone somewhere.

It’s really not surprising how calendars are woven into the fabric of our daily lives that they would appear just about anywhere printed on anything.

Old vintage advertising calendars are in such demand for period decor that collectors actually consider some of the old relics to be fine art and the lithography is treated as such.   Hard to believe a calendar that many businesses gave away during the 1950’s & 1960’s can today have a value ranging from $50-300 or more.

So, what makes a calendar collectible?   Many reasons.   It could be the year a person was born.   It could be promoting a store with a long history.   It could be promoting a widely popular brand.   The reason an advertising calendar remains popular can be varied and hard to pinpoint.

To learn more about calendar collecting, check out this link.

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