Why The Promotional Wall Calendar Will Never Go Out Of Style

September 9, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

It’s a refrain I hear more and more often these days…the Smartphone has replaced the printed calendar.   And while I would be a fool to deny that is indeed happening to some extent, the truth is technology, no matter what form it presents itself in, will never completely replace a printed wall calendar.   Here’s why:

  • Everyone has wall space.   Let’s face it, if you have a wall calendar hanging now in your office or at home and you take it down…what are you most likely to replace it with?   Hmmm….   Perhaps another calendar?   That’s what usually happens.

    Convenient, but not always as practical as a printed calendar.

  • Calendars make a statement.   A nice calendar displaying a specific theme (such as wildlife, food, etc.) helps portray the calendar user’s personal tastes.   In many cases the theme of the calendar may reinforce a specific image the user has about their life passion.
  • Calendar are easily so retro.   Let’s face it, we all know fads come and go.   What may be in style today will be out of vogue soon thereafter.   Yet, calendars have this everlasting quality as a potential advertising mechanism that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years.   Why would things change now?
  • Calendars offer ease of use.   Talk about any date in the future–let’s say September 23rd, for instance.   In less than two seconds I could swing around in my chair and tell you that is on a Monday and my schedule is fairly wide open at this point.   On a smart phone, I would first have to determine where I laid it.   Next, I would have to activate it to life.   Then go into the calendar program.   A process which usually takes me 8-10 seconds (or longer) to complete.
  • Calendars don’t take batteries or ever need recharging.
  • Calendars share information effectively with others.   Nothing beats a master family calendar hanging on the kitchen wall to organize a busy family life.   Or the office calendar displaying why you are absent the cubicle because you’re attending a conference.  Fact is Smartphones can be synced up with other phones to accomplish the same tasks…but that may not always be possible or desirable.
  • Calendars never need a backup to prevent accidental data loss.

While it may seem logical to conclude the printed wall calendar is on its way to a similar fate as the dinosaur, the truth is such thinking is greatly flawed.

The printed promotional advertising calendar will always have a place in our society.   Sure, sales numbers may fluctuate slightly to reflect the normal ebb and flow of calendar users…but I’m willing to bet next month’s paycheck we will never observe a time in our lifetimes when printed calendars lose any great significance to the average person’s lifestyle.

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