Here’s Why Stick-on Promotional Advertising Calendars Are Popular

September 26, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the most versatile and functional calendars used for promotional advertising is known by several different names.   They’ve been referred to as Hang-ups, Stick-ups, Peel-N-Stick®, Press-N-Stick™ its all about the same small vinyl calendar with the adhesive backing and the tear-off pad.

What makes this calendar so popular?   That’s easy.   You can put it where you need it and it’s convenient.   It’s also small enough to mail out with correspondence from the office such as invoices, purchase orders, you name it.   That makes it handy for your customers and also handy to distribute.

What many people don’t realize about these calendars is we have many different options when putting together a promotional advertising calendar such as this.   Consider these unique ways to use the stick-on style of calendar:

  • Create a die-cut unique vinyl shape.   While we offer a wide variety of stock shapes and designs, it certainly is possible to have a shape cut that is unique to a company’s image.   There is some additional expense to producing the die, but once we have it we will store that die for future orders for future years and only use it for you.
  • Split season date pad.   Assume you have a mid-summer tradeshow and you would like to give a calendar away.   No problem.   We can assemble for you a stick-on calendar that begins and ends with any month (for up to 24 consecutive months).   Therefore, if you want to give a calendar away starting in the month of July and ending 18 months later…you can do it.
  • Magnetic backing instead of adhesive.   We give options.   If you would prefer to give out this style of calendar that contains a magnet rather than adhesive backing, several of the same shapes are available.   Discuss this with one of our sales representatives.
  • Over-sized vinyl.   Sometimes you have just too much information to say on a standard sized calendar…that’s why we offer the possibility of super-sized stick-up options.
  • Full color is also a possibility.   Full-color printing on vinyl has come a long way over the past several years.   Yes, we can print your stick-on calendars in full color.   Call one of our customer service representatives today for additional details on this option.
  • Business card sleeve.   Have multiple folks in the office who each want to use a promotional advertising calendar?   May we suggest our business card sleeve stick-up?   Here a customer simply slips in their business card and starts handing them out.   Quick.   Simple.   Easy.

All of the suggestions you see above are special order items where we suggest talking to one of our sales personnel about your specific needs.   That’s why you won’t find any of these items (mentioned above) priced on the website.

Indeed, the stick-on style of calendars can be found almost anywhere in homes, autos, offices and factory locations.   You’ll find them stuck inside of portfolios, briefcases,  in autos behind visors, on dashboards, near hard-wired telephones, on filing cabinets, computer monitors, near cash registers, the list goes on and on.

The stick-on calendar with its low price point also happens to be one of the most popular imprinted promotional advertising calendar styles for first-time calendar buyers.   The investment is rather minimal, but the payback in getting a company’s name billboarded for prospects to see can pay huge dividends to the advertiser.

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