Common Imprinted Promotional Advertising Calendar Questions Answered

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Here is a sampling of some of the most common questions we get asked about imprinted promotional advertising calendars.

QUESTION:  Are there set-up charges or other hidden charges we need to take into account when ordering?

Good question.   We spell out our pricing as clearly as possible.   A small number of our products do have a set-up charge, but that is clearly explained and there is a reason.   Some customers who want multiple colors for their ad imprint layout require additional press set-up, hence the additional charges.   Other products that either print on vinyl or leatherette material use a hot-stamp and require a special die to be produced for each order that is unique for that customer.   In the case of hot-stamping, this set-up charge is a one-time charge as we can reuse the die until such time copy within the ad layout might need to get modified.   Then a new set-up charge would be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  Do envelopes come with the calendars?

Yes, in some cases they do with desk calendars and we supply them at no additional charge.   All other calendar styles have the option to purchase mailing envelopes.   On top of that, we also provide the option of sending the envelopes out bulk or with the calendars inserted.   When calendars are inserted into envelopes it does increase the cost slightly as well as the production time before the order leaves the factory.

QUESTION:   We have an event date…is it possible to get calendars in time?

In most cases yes it is…unless you have procrastinated to the very last minute.   Give our customer service reps a call to discuss the order flow and how it would all work.   Sometimes we can speed things up at the factory depending on our press loads at the time.   Also, we can always expedite shipping, however, this can prove to be a more costly option to get calendars into your hands quickly.

QUESTION:   Can you give me an estimate to determine how much it will cost to ship the calendars to me?

We sure can.   All you need to do is call us, tell us what calendar style you are contemplating, how many units, whether or not there will be envelopes (or mailing tubes) included with the order…and then finally we need your zip code.   Our shipping department will give you their best estimate to determine those costs.

QUESTION:   Is there an extra charge to include our company’s logo?

Absolutely not.   Provided that you can supply us with camera-ready art for that logo.   If we need to polish it up to look its best we will do that if it takes our art department 15 minutes or less.   When any logo touch-up work takes greater than 30 minutes we will contact you asking for either better artwork or your approval for a nominal art charge to make your logo look and print its very best.

QUESTION:   Can we mix and match styles as part of our order?

Often times we will allow this practice to get better pricing.   It really depends on what is being ordered.   Call one of our customer service reps for the full details on what is allowed so you can get the best pricing and selection.

QUESTION:   Do you keep our calendar ad layout from last year or some previous year?

Yes, part of the beauty of storing things electronically is we can and do keep artwork now indefinitely.   In many cases we can go back 10+ years and find old artwork still on file.

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