Are You Ready To Think Pink With Calendars?

October 1, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Over the past couple decades the color pink has grown almost synonymous with the month of October–Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   And rightly so, as one of the leading diseases targeting mostly women, breast cancer has touched just about every family in some way or fashion.

Personally, cancer awareness hits quite close to my family.   In fact, my wife has been an oncology nurse at the Mayo Clinic now for nearly 27 years.   On a daily basis she is dealing with and helping treat cancers of all types, but if detected early many breast cancers can be managed or eliminated.   In other words, early detection often means another person can proudly call themselves a cancer survivor.

At we have several calendar options that celebrate the concept of wellness and some that specifically promote the pink ribbon program increasing awareness for early detection.   Even though October has become the month we often associate with being cancer aware, it truthfully should be a 12-month a year concern for each of us.

When your business displays a special caring about health matters it shows a deeper caring about the customer that is appreciated by them.   It’s not necessary to have a business in the health care field to use a health-themed calendar these days.   Promoting good health is the foundation for experiencing an all-around quality life.

Part of the marketing strategy when using calendars is to project positive thoughts.   Oh, sure, the topic of cancer is far from positive you might say…but avoiding this devastating illness (or others like it) can be spiritually very uplifting for many families affected.

We encourage businesses who may have cancer patient employees or who may be in some other way touched by cancer to spread awareness and continue to raise hope for a cure.   Obviously, this can be done in many ways and the use of calendars is only one very small possibility of the process.

Furthermore, don’t forget we also have the possibility of producing a custom calendar that could be tailored toward supporting a specific person and their battles or promoting the cause in some other manner.   Please contact our sales staff for those possibilities.

Indeed, October might mean many things to different people.   To some, it might mean the beginning of professional baseball playoffs.   To many others it means that time of the year when we transition from one season to the next.   Others may view October as the month before the busy holiday season begins.   Yet, to many others they have an important story to share and showing lots of pink is their way of helping to do just that.

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