Do You Cringe When You See Friday-The-13th On Your Calendar?

September 13, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

I’ve got a friend who admitted to me just a few days ago the first thing he looks for when flipping to a new month on his calendar is if the 13th falls on a Friday for that particular month?   “Really?!!   Are you that superstitious I asked?”

Truth is this individual has many idiosyncrasies in his life and dealing with certain superstitions is only part of it.   But he’s certainly not alone.   Fact is many folks you may rub elbows with on a daily basis have a case of paraskevidekatriaphobia or sometimes called friggatriskaidekaphobia.   Either way the condition puts a name to an irrational fear of Fridays falling on the 13th day of the month.

Yet, for some brides-to-be the fear of the number 13 doesn’t just end with a connection to Friday.   Nope.   This source has reported that sales have slumped at Mens Warehouse stores this calendar year because many weddings have been delayed so they could occur during a year that does not have the number “13” connected to it.

Hop into any elevator and you will hardly ever see a button for the 13th floor.   I’m told in certain car racing leagues they refuse to give out the number 13 to any competitor just to be on the safe side.   Same holds true for many sports teams who are reluctant to associate any player with the well known digits 1-3.

So, do you think all of this goes a bit too far?   Does having a Friday the 13th on the calendar cause you concern?   Would you postpone a wedding for an entire year just to avoid some silly number just by chance it brings bad luck?

If so, you’ll be happy to know that during 2014 only the month of June contains a Friday the 13th.   That’s half as many as you had to endure during 2013.   No doubt about it, next year shows much more promise for all of us to avoid that sort of bad luck!

Here’s hoping each of you make it thru the day today.   Happy Friday The 13!!!

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