Imprinted Promotional Advertising Calendars On SALE!

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Has sort of a catchy ring to it, doesn’t it?   Nothing beats a good sale.   Walk into a department store and this rack might be offering 30% off.   The rack over here might offer 40%.   Oh, my…the shelf over here has a clearance at 50% off.   This is too good to be true!   Suddenly, you leave the store spending more money and buying more items than you ever imagined you would do at the beginning of the day.

Sales and marketing tactics are a game many stores like to play with their customers.   It’s a practice, however, that we rarely engage in.   Since selling our first calendar back in 1987, we have offered a standing sale that amounts to a 10% discount off early ordered products.   That means, if we get your calendar order prior to July 1st of any given year we will give you this discount for ordering subsequent year product earlier than the rest of the pack of customers.

But there’s a reason we do that.   First, we don’t like to play games all year long fluctuating our prices artificially higher so that later we can promote some deep discount.   Let’s face it, all businesses need to make money so when another company sells at 30-50% off do you really think they are losing their shorts, so to speak?   The point is under that scenario if you buy at the wrong time and don’t get the benefit of the pending sale pricing you just likely paid more than market value.   It’s a game…and we stay too busy to play that way.

But back to our reason we do offer an early order discount off our calendar products.   As you can imagine, calendars are sort of a seasonal product.   Clearly the vast majority of our selling takes place during the months of August through mid-January.   The other six months of the year can be slower with calendar production activities.

Therefore, to spread our printing burden out throughout the year we offer an early discount to encourage buying during the non-traditional calendar season.   Typically, we have calendars ready to go for the next year as early as February.   And best of all, any customer who orders early and gets the discount can opt for these additional benefits:

  1. We will store your calendar order for FREE.
  2. We will give you a 10% discount on all calendar orders (for next year’s product line–not the current year calendar) from February thru July 1st.
  3. You get to choose the release date when those stored calendars are shipped to your door.
  4. Perhaps best of all, WE DO NOT CHARGE your calendar order until the promotional advertising calendars are ready to leave the factory.

We take pride in having some of the best personnel in the calendar printing industry.   When you speak to our customer service it will take only a few minutes to discover they are genuinely caring and knowledgeable about your imprinted calendar order.   We strongly feel we don’t have to play the sales game to attract customers because once our customers experience our imprinted advertising calendar quality and service they will understand the true value in their purchase.

So, the next time you see deeply discounted calendars on sale ask them this question.   How long have you been selling on the Internet?   Or better yet, do a search of their website for yourself at Wayback Time Machine.   You will notice our site goes back to 1999 and we were actually online selling even before that.

There’s a reason many companies offer so many calendar sales.   The problem is so many of these companies soon discover that playing that game might snag a few customers, but in the long run they don’t survive the test of time practicing business that way.   Don’t you really want to do business with a solid, well-established company that will sell you calendars this year…and still be around after ten more years?

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