Consider QR Codes When Advertising On Calendars

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With the increasing use of smartphone technology comes both some conveniences and opportunities.   No longer is it necessary to remember long or complicated website addresses or URL’s…not with the advent of QR Codes (short for “quick response” codes).   Now, getting a customer or prospect to check out a new website is as easy as holding the phone in front of a square box of dots and dashes.

Yup, it’s really that simple.   With the correct app on your phone (and there are many of them for all smartphone platforms) QR reader apps will turn a confusing web address into a mobile friendly link easily explored from any handheld device with an optical reader.

So, why use QR Codes as an advertiser on a calendar imprint for business promotion?   Here are some quick thoughts you will want to consider:

  • Allows the advertiser to turn a complex web address into something requiring no thought by the customer or prospect.   In fact, a QR Code can direct folks to a specific landing page on your website which allows marketers to measure just how well the calendar is working as a promotional tool.
  • QR Codes can be accessed (scanned) and stored for later use in the smart device.   The traditional option is to hope calendar users remember the correct format for how the web address appeared.
  • Moreover, once a QR Code is scanned into a device it will be an additional reminder to check out the web address if they didn’t have time initially to do so.
  • QR Codes can be enabled so that when scanned the user is taken to a mobile friendly version of a company website where the online experience can be optimized.
  • Use of QR Codes give the public impression that a company is very technology oriented and savvy.
  • QR Codes allow a business to direct the user to specific sub-domains found on a corporate website where special offers can be targeting various customers and prospects.

Perhaps best of all, using QR Codes for an imprinted promotional advertising calendar order is available at no extra charge.   We do ask, however, that customers supply to us their camera-ready artwork for the code.

Have no idea how to generate a QR Code for your business?   No problem.   There are many free services to be found on the Internet to produce such graphics.   Just type in “QR Code Generator” in the search box of any search engine and you’ll likely be directed to several options.   Most are even free, but be careful they are not tracking you or the hits you hope to get with the QR Code.

In closing, if you are still having difficulty understanding what a QR Code can do for you think of it as working similar to a bar code found on nearly all products purchased in the store.   When you go to the check-out person they scan each bar code and can tally up what you want to purchase that day.   QR Codes work much the same way, although they appear and function much different.   Essentially when you have a QR Code for your business printed on a calendar it is a code for any smartphone user to find you and learn more about your company or products being offered.

Honestly, in this 21st Century why every business doesn’t have and use a QR Code is quite surprising.   Especially when we will include them on your next calendar at NO EXTRA COST.

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Ordered Too Many Calendars…Now What?

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Occasionally we get calls from customers who ordered too many imprinted promotional advertising calendars and they are still sitting in a box at the end of the distribution period.   Their question is now what?

Of course, we respond how this is a great opportunity to do something novel and very much appreciated.   Whenever a customer of ours has left-over calendars for the upcoming year we strongly encourage them to make contact with a local nursing home or convalescent care center.   You see, these residents often don’t get a calendar.   Some may not even have close family or friends.

A long time ago we discovered how many places in our society can make use of those “extra” calendars that a business may have.   And guess what?   Wherever a calendar hangs with your business message it will drive business to you.   Sure, the nursing home resident may not be a potential client of yours…but their visitors who come to see them most certainly could be.

Today, we have a small number of our calendar customers who actually order these “extra” calendars on purpose with intent on giving them away to schools, churches, nursing homes, etc.   They reason how having these mini billboards scattered in diverse locations throughout the community can only benefit their overall marketing efforts.

Honestly, we agree.   The strategy of distributing calendars for business marketing should not overlook any opportunity.   If you put your advertising message on a calendar the goal should be to put that calendar into the hands of the people most likely to need that information.   Next, the priority should be to at the very least get it hanging in high-traffic locations where it gets seen.

So, the problem of having calendars left over after the traditional distribution season shouldn’t really be a problem at all.   It should be viewed as an opportunity to reach potential new customers.   By opening your eyes and mind you will discover there are many appreciative outlets in most communities looking for your generous, caring gift that just so happens to promote your business.

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