Buying Calendars Is Much Like Buying A 3-Legged Stool

October 7, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

We often tell people how when buying calendars from any calendar printer it is like buying a 3-legged stool.   Perhaps the analogy sounds sort of silly, but let me explain.   It’s based on a very sound business concept that could apply to many different products.

Consider the three legged stool that is solid and stable if all legs function properly, but subject to tipping over if problems are encountered in weight distribution or the strength of one or more legs.   When properly used and maintained, the stool is a dependable piece of furniture.

Now, consider how one of those stool legs is product quality.   Another is price.   Perhaps the third is the customer service itself.   So, holding up the stool is product quality, price and customer service.

Assume a customer gets an insanely great price but the product quality is questionable and the customer service is deficient.   If that stool is a calendar will it function in the manner in which it was designed with two unstable legs?

Perhaps the situation is a decent price and a fair product quality, but the customer service is atrocious?   Again, do you have a stool you can depend on?

One final scenario.   You find a decent price and friendly customer service, but the product quality just doesn’t quite perform to your satisfaction.   Once again, this stool just doesn’t quite hold up to your needs and will easily topple over because expectations are out of balance.

We try to educate our customers how a good calendar product should not be judged by price alone.   There are other important factors such a product quality and a helpful sales team who will stand behind that purchase.

At we strive to deliver fair prices, great quality and friendly, helpful service to each and every sale.   Our customers are not a one-time event, they are building a relationship we hope to grow for many years to come.   Part of growing a strong relationship is understanding how when corners are cut in either quality, price or quality staffing it means a shaky existence.

So, the next time you are contemplating an imprinted promotional advertising calendar purchase make sure you are getting a reasonable price.   Make sure the product quality is adequate by perhaps requesting a sample for inspection prior to ordering.   But above all, talk to the folks trying to sell you the calendars.   Two minutes on the phone discussing your calendar order can explain a lot about the type of company (and it’s people) you will be dealing with on the transaction.

The next time you think about calendars don’t forget about the 3-legged stool, too.

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