Customers Get More Than Calendars When Buying From Us

When you go to the car wash you pretty much expect to get one thing from the experience–a clean car when you drive away.   When you go to the barbershop to get a haircut you step out the door feeling like a new person with stylized hair, but that’s about it.   Certainly when you go to the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk you walk away perhaps with the milk and a few other “essentials” discovered along the way.

But when you purchase imprinted promotional advertising calendars from we don’t just sell you the calendars.   We also offer friendly marketing advice and will even go so far as to put your calendars into your customer’s hands for you.   Let me explain.

We realize when it comes to calendar distribution not everyone is an expert on knowing how to properly get the calendars into the correct hands.   In other words, calendars need an appropriate strategy unique to your business to get the most bang for the buck marketing value.   A short five minutes speaking with our trained sales staff will offer you many practical ideas on how you can best use calendar advertising.

We understand how calendars that never leave a box will not result in a repeat sale next year.   Unfortunately, many printers only want to sell you the product, they don’t want to educate their customers on how they might use it to their best advantage.

If we don’t feel calendar advertising is right for your business we will tell you so.   One of the hardest tasks we often do is tell a customer who wants to produce a custom calendar how we don’t think it’s a good idea–at least not yet.   You see, especially with custom created calendars, a buyer must put together a marketing plan for using that calendar long before the calendar design gets assembled.   Unfortunately, too many customers produce the calendar first and then try to find a way to use it.   They have the process backwards.

On the same token, we often consult with our customers to ensure they are not overbuying.   Nothing sours a customer’s mood more than ending the year with too many calendars that did not somehow get distributed.

Allow our staff at to not only sell you the calendars, but to provide the right advice on how best to use them.   Often times they will also provide suggestions on how one particular calendar style seems to work even better for a particular industry.   We know this information, we see it in action 365 days each year.

Oh yeah, earlier I said we will even put calendars into your customer or prospect’s hands for you.   Simply provide to us your mailing list and we take care of all the tasks of mailing.   How easy is that?

Of course, all these options that are available to you can be discussed with our friendly and helpful sales staff.   Keep in mind we are here to help you with your calendar marketing efforts by providing whatever information is necessary to accomplish that goal.   While some companies may only want to sell calendars and nothing else, we take great pride in our products and strive to see our customers succeed using them.

So, the next time you are in the market for imprinted promotional advertising calendars give us a call to discuss your business.   We want to learn about you.   We want to assist in tackling your unique marketing challenges.   And in the process don’t be surprised when we offer some advice you may want to consider.   After all, we sell calendars but we strive to deliver much, much more.

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Yes, Our Promotional Advertising Calendars Offer Lots Of Color Choices

One of the comments we hear often is from customers who are looking for a calendar style that offers lots of color.   In fact, color can be a nice marketing concept because people generally like to add splashes of color to their walls to make their environment more vibrant and emotionally uplifting.

“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.”  ~Allen Klein

These monthly images from the CN-1717 SIMPLICITY calendar shout colors and patterns.

Indeed, this world would be a pretty boring place if it were colored simply with drab tones and hues.   Thankfully, color not only can excite us, but perhaps even more importantly it can even catch-the-eye, so to speak.   A fact that has been in the marketer’s toolbox and used for ages.   After all, if your message doesn’t get seen it stands no chance of having a desirable outcome to promote your cause.

That’s one of the reasons we offer a calendar so vibrant with color it appears almost to be dripping wet with fresh ink.   Not really, of course, but the CN-1717 Simplicity wall calendar is designed especially for those customers who like lively colors and shapes–the sort of thing that speaks “LOOK AT ME!!”

Actually, several of the calendar styles we offer are intended to use color to capture attention.   Consider these other colorful calendar options:

When contemplating a purchase for imprinted promotional advertising calendars it’s important to consider many factors.   Obviously, you want to offer your prospect and customers a calendar they will take home or back to the office and use.   Still, you want that calendar to get noticed once it is hanging.

Calendars full of color can ensure they get noticed.   And when a calendar gets noticed with your business advertising imprint included, it means your calendar marketing is healthy and working as planned.

So, the next time you purchase calendars, give some thought to what will be hanging on your customer’s walls for a month at a time.   It can certainly work to your benefit by adding more color to the calendar you distribute to prospects and customers for their use.

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Our Imprinted Promotional Advertising Calendars Are Made In Minnesota

Well over 90 percent of the imprinted promotional advertising calendars we produce for customers are manufactured and shipped right here from Minnesota.   Does that mean anything to you?   There was a time when Made In America meant something special to many consumers.

Now it seems as though we have turned into more of a global market.   Items once considered ridiculously cheap and poorly made from sections of the globe are no longer viewed in that same manner.   Quality products can come from half a world away just like they can come from the shop owner on the nearby street corner.   Times have certainly changed and along with that so has attitudes.

And while all this is true we still feel that products made right here in North America are some of the best to be found anywhere on the planet.   In a printing world where it’s commonplace to find imports from overseas, we feel that you can see and feel a real difference in the products we manufacture vs. the imports.

In fact, when it comes to printing calendars for advertising purposes no other state in the country can boast it employs more people within this unique industry than Minnesota.   All combined, over 1,000 full-time and seasonal part-time employees live and work in Minnesota to bring imprinted promotional advertising calendars direct to your door.

Indeed, for over 4 decades Minnesota has been the epicenter for the production of quality calendar products serving customers worldwide.

Here in the Gopher State we take great pride in producing quality products at a value price.   The calendar producers in this state, some of which are our friendly competitors, all have a solid work ethic and take great pride in producing a top-notch product that we would be proud to hang on our walls.   We all understand how the calendars we produce and sell to you represent your important business image and brand so it pays dividends when they only look and perform the very best.

Certainly the next time you are in the market for a promotional advertising calendar you have many options in which you can choose.   We encourage our customers to buy local, when available for many reasons, not the least of which it keeps Americans employed.   But we also think when you are looking for superb quality to promote your brand it’s not necessary or always practical to be looking half way around the world when you can get the best imprinted promotional advertising calendars right here.

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Buying Calendars Is Much Like Buying A 3-Legged Stool

We often tell people how when buying calendars from any calendar printer it is like buying a 3-legged stool.   Perhaps the analogy sounds sort of silly, but let me explain.   It’s based on a very sound business concept that could apply to many different products.

Consider the three legged stool that is solid and stable if all legs function properly, but subject to tipping over if problems are encountered in weight distribution or the strength of one or more legs.   When properly used and maintained, the stool is a dependable piece of furniture.

Now, consider how one of those stool legs is product quality.   Another is price.   Perhaps the third is the customer service itself.   So, holding up the stool is product quality, price and customer service.

Assume a customer gets an insanely great price but the product quality is questionable and the customer service is deficient.   If that stool is a calendar will it function in the manner in which it was designed with two unstable legs?

Perhaps the situation is a decent price and a fair product quality, but the customer service is atrocious?   Again, do you have a stool you can depend on?

One final scenario.   You find a decent price and friendly customer service, but the product quality just doesn’t quite perform to your satisfaction.   Once again, this stool just doesn’t quite hold up to your needs and will easily topple over because expectations are out of balance.

We try to educate our customers how a good calendar product should not be judged by price alone.   There are other important factors such a product quality and a helpful sales team who will stand behind that purchase.

At we strive to deliver fair prices, great quality and friendly, helpful service to each and every sale.   Our customers are not a one-time event, they are building a relationship we hope to grow for many years to come.   Part of growing a strong relationship is understanding how when corners are cut in either quality, price or quality staffing it means a shaky existence.

So, the next time you are contemplating an imprinted promotional advertising calendar purchase make sure you are getting a reasonable price.   Make sure the product quality is adequate by perhaps requesting a sample for inspection prior to ordering.   But above all, talk to the folks trying to sell you the calendars.   Two minutes on the phone discussing your calendar order can explain a lot about the type of company (and it’s people) you will be dealing with on the transaction.

The next time you think about calendars don’t forget about the 3-legged stool, too.

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Common Imprinted Promotional Advertising Calendar Questions Answered

Here is a sampling of some of the most common questions we get asked about imprinted promotional advertising calendars.

QUESTION:  Are there set-up charges or other hidden charges we need to take into account when ordering?

Good question.   We spell out our pricing as clearly as possible.   A small number of our products do have a set-up charge, but that is clearly explained and there is a reason.   Some customers who want multiple colors for their ad imprint layout require additional press set-up, hence the additional charges.   Other products that either print on vinyl or leatherette material use a hot-stamp and require a special die to be produced for each order that is unique for that customer.   In the case of hot-stamping, this set-up charge is a one-time charge as we can reuse the die until such time copy within the ad layout might need to get modified.   Then a new set-up charge would be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  Do envelopes come with the calendars?

Yes, in some cases they do with desk calendars and we supply them at no additional charge.   All other calendar styles have the option to purchase mailing envelopes.   On top of that, we also provide the option of sending the envelopes out bulk or with the calendars inserted.   When calendars are inserted into envelopes it does increase the cost slightly as well as the production time before the order leaves the factory.

QUESTION:   We have an event date…is it possible to get calendars in time?

In most cases yes it is…unless you have procrastinated to the very last minute.   Give our customer service reps a call to discuss the order flow and how it would all work.   Sometimes we can speed things up at the factory depending on our press loads at the time.   Also, we can always expedite shipping, however, this can prove to be a more costly option to get calendars into your hands quickly.

QUESTION:   Can you give me an estimate to determine how much it will cost to ship the calendars to me?

We sure can.   All you need to do is call us, tell us what calendar style you are contemplating, how many units, whether or not there will be envelopes (or mailing tubes) included with the order…and then finally we need your zip code.   Our shipping department will give you their best estimate to determine those costs.

QUESTION:   Is there an extra charge to include our company’s logo?

Absolutely not.   Provided that you can supply us with camera-ready art for that logo.   If we need to polish it up to look its best we will do that if it takes our art department 15 minutes or less.   When any logo touch-up work takes greater than 30 minutes we will contact you asking for either better artwork or your approval for a nominal art charge to make your logo look and print its very best.

QUESTION:   Can we mix and match styles as part of our order?

Often times we will allow this practice to get better pricing.   It really depends on what is being ordered.   Call one of our customer service reps for the full details on what is allowed so you can get the best pricing and selection.

QUESTION:   Do you keep our calendar ad layout from last year or some previous year?

Yes, part of the beauty of storing things electronically is we can and do keep artwork now indefinitely.   In many cases we can go back 10+ years and find old artwork still on file.

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Cut Mailing Costs When Sending Imprinted Promotional Advertising Calendars

It’s in the news all the time with the same old story.   The U.S. Post Office is losing money.   They need to cut services (number of days delivery each week) or they need to hike fees.   It’s gotten so bad in recent years they no longer even put the value of a postage stamp printed directly on the stamp.   They must figure by the time they get them printed they will be, shall we say, outdated?

For businesses marketing with calendars the increasing cost of postage can be especially frustrating and painful.   Direct marketing through the mail has long been a popular way to promote a business.   Yet, the ever rising costs of getting a parcel to someone’s door can sometimes be more costly than the contents inside the envelope.

At we have long provided our customers with options.   Sending out a mailing via Bulk Rate or Special Mail is always an option available.   But for most small businesses who do not have capabilities to conduct those mailing the only real option at the post office is First Class.   Given the right calendar…that First Class designation can quickly weigh up to Priority which can be more expensive than your noon lunch tab.

Here’s how we can save many of our customers money.   If the mailing meets one of these two criteria(subject to change, but current as of this writing):

  1. Contains 200 or more pieces weighing the same (identical size and shape); or
  2. Total weight on the mailing amounts to over 50 pounds.

In most cases if either of these two requirements are met we can save our customers money shipping the calendars directly to the end user.   Consider this.   Not only are you sending the calendars out bulk rate, but you’re saving on the freight charges by first shipping heavy boxes to your door.   It’s a win-win situation.

For complete and up-to-date pricing details it requires a call to one of our customer sales representatives, but in general if we mail calendars directly to your customer it will save you roughly half the cost of doing it yourself and mailing First Class.

Are there some downsides to mailing Bulk Rate?   Unfortunately, yes there is.   While it can save you money you do give up some rights and service.   Again, our customer service professionals would be happy to discuss all these details with you, but realize that in general:

  • Bulk Rate is not guaranteed mail.   The post office cannot assure us that any mail piece shipped in this manner will actually arrive at the desired destination.   So, there is some risk, albeit rather minimal.
  • There is no way to track the mail.
  • Bulk mail scattered throughout a large delivery area can take as short as a few days or as long as up to three weeks.   Harder to nail certain in-hand dates for the calendar recipient.
  • Bulk Rate shipped during the holidays takes a lower priority than other mail.   So, expect packages with goodies from Grandma’s house to arrive with greater urgency and predictability.

If you’re looking for options in sending out your next calendar mailing it pays to at least discuss this further with us.   Not only does it save your office staff time, but allowing us to handle your mailing can also save you big dollars when it comes to postal fees.   All you need to do is supply us with your mailing labels or your electronic address list and we will handle it from there.

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Are You Ready To Think Pink With Calendars?

Over the past couple decades the color pink has grown almost synonymous with the month of October–Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   And rightly so, as one of the leading diseases targeting mostly women, breast cancer has touched just about every family in some way or fashion.

Personally, cancer awareness hits quite close to my family.   In fact, my wife has been an oncology nurse at the Mayo Clinic now for nearly 27 years.   On a daily basis she is dealing with and helping treat cancers of all types, but if detected early many breast cancers can be managed or eliminated.   In other words, early detection often means another person can proudly call themselves a cancer survivor.

At we have several calendar options that celebrate the concept of wellness and some that specifically promote the pink ribbon program increasing awareness for early detection.   Even though October has become the month we often associate with being cancer aware, it truthfully should be a 12-month a year concern for each of us.

When your business displays a special caring about health matters it shows a deeper caring about the customer that is appreciated by them.   It’s not necessary to have a business in the health care field to use a health-themed calendar these days.   Promoting good health is the foundation for experiencing an all-around quality life.

Part of the marketing strategy when using calendars is to project positive thoughts.   Oh, sure, the topic of cancer is far from positive you might say…but avoiding this devastating illness (or others like it) can be spiritually very uplifting for many families affected.

We encourage businesses who may have cancer patient employees or who may be in some other way touched by cancer to spread awareness and continue to raise hope for a cure.   Obviously, this can be done in many ways and the use of calendars is only one very small possibility of the process.

Furthermore, don’t forget we also have the possibility of producing a custom calendar that could be tailored toward supporting a specific person and their battles or promoting the cause in some other manner.   Please contact our sales staff for those possibilities.

Indeed, October might mean many things to different people.   To some, it might mean the beginning of professional baseball playoffs.   To many others it means that time of the year when we transition from one season to the next.   Others may view October as the month before the busy holiday season begins.   Yet, to many others they have an important story to share and showing lots of pink is their way of helping to do just that.

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Why Can’t I Purchase Just One Calendar?

We offer great calendars for sale and we’re quite proud of that fact.   And we realize that many people throughout the country have grown accustomed to receiving a certain calendar style or theme as it may have been hanging on their wall for years.   We understand those traditions.   We appreciate that familiarity and passion for a particular themed calendar product.   That’s why it is not always easy to tell a caller you can’t purchase just one imprinted promotional advertising calendar from us.

Despite telling many customers we can’t just sell one calendar the pleas to make an exception to our policy often go on.   Unfortunately, the call always ends in disappointment and I’m sure with frustration.

So, why do we disappoint people who call wanting to purchase a single calendar unit?   We have several reasons, here’s why:

  • First and foremost, when we secure licensing rights to images appearing in the calendars we DO NOT purchase them for a retail sales basis.   In other words, calendars that are sold in single (or small number units) are not keeping the true spirit of selling for promotional advertising purposes.   Instead, what the caller is suggesting for us to do is sell calendars that do not fulfill a promotional purpose, but rather complete a gift calendar transaction.   This constitutes a retail sale and violating this clause in our licensing could subject us to fines and other penalties with the owners of the images.
  • Another aspect that many callers looking for a single calendar do not understand is we DO NOT assemble the calendars in the factory until an imprinted advertising calendar order is received.   That being said, it is not possible or practical to simply go find a single calendar of a particular style and ship it.   There’s an order process and part of that process involves several steps in completing the calendar product assembly.   Prior to that the calendar is often just printed laying on pallets in the individual component pieces.
  • No, we cannot pull a sample calendar from one of our production runs.   To ship out a calendar featuring the promotional message from one of our customers would be a violation of our customer’s privacy.   Our customers are the only people authorized to distribute calendars bearing their advertising imprint.
  • On a similar note, we DO NOT disclose who purchases our calendar products so that a caller can go to their business and request a desired calendar from them.   Again, we protect our customer’s right to privacy and do not share their buying history or details with anyone.
  • Finally, often times what happens is a caller states their bank, hardware store, etc. has chosen not to give that calendar out this year.   We remind the caller they are speaking to the wrong person about this request.   The folks who need to hear you appreciated that calendar is the company who discontinued using it for advertising.   Perhaps they wrongly assumed nobody appreciated receiving the calendar and need to hear those assumptions are mistaken.   Unfortunately, from time to time some businesses don’t always get the positive feedback from customers and prospects they need to hear from to justify continuing to market or promote a business using calendar products.

In closing, we’re not in the business of disappointing customers when they call for our calendar products.   Likewise, it’s important to note that we are selling a specialty promotional advertising calendar product that is imprinted with a customer’s unique message for marketing.   Single calendars are sold in bookstores and on magazine racks during the holidays.   Our calendars are sold typically in larger quantities with a specific purpose in mind.

Honestly, if a customer who has been accustomed to getting a particular calendar from a vendor suddenly can’t get that calendar, we feel your pain.   However, we also feel that for us to be in a position to provide that single calendar to the caller is also doing a disservice to the business who used to give that calendar out.   They had a special investment in those calendars and they should expect that the folks who sold them the calendars will not also sell to their end-users.   It’s a special relationship that we cherish and the policies we’ve stated are intended to protect.   Thanks for your thoughtful understanding on this matter.

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Imprinted Promotional Advertising Calendars On SALE!

Has sort of a catchy ring to it, doesn’t it?   Nothing beats a good sale.   Walk into a department store and this rack might be offering 30% off.   The rack over here might offer 40%.   Oh, my…the shelf over here has a clearance at 50% off.   This is too good to be true!   Suddenly, you leave the store spending more money and buying more items than you ever imagined you would do at the beginning of the day.

Sales and marketing tactics are a game many stores like to play with their customers.   It’s a practice, however, that we rarely engage in.   Since selling our first calendar back in 1987, we have offered a standing sale that amounts to a 10% discount off early ordered products.   That means, if we get your calendar order prior to July 1st of any given year we will give you this discount for ordering subsequent year product earlier than the rest of the pack of customers.

But there’s a reason we do that.   First, we don’t like to play games all year long fluctuating our prices artificially higher so that later we can promote some deep discount.   Let’s face it, all businesses need to make money so when another company sells at 30-50% off do you really think they are losing their shorts, so to speak?   The point is under that scenario if you buy at the wrong time and don’t get the benefit of the pending sale pricing you just likely paid more than market value.   It’s a game…and we stay too busy to play that way.

But back to our reason we do offer an early order discount off our calendar products.   As you can imagine, calendars are sort of a seasonal product.   Clearly the vast majority of our selling takes place during the months of August through mid-January.   The other six months of the year can be slower with calendar production activities.

Therefore, to spread our printing burden out throughout the year we offer an early discount to encourage buying during the non-traditional calendar season.   Typically, we have calendars ready to go for the next year as early as February.   And best of all, any customer who orders early and gets the discount can opt for these additional benefits:

  1. We will store your calendar order for FREE.
  2. We will give you a 10% discount on all calendar orders (for next year’s product line–not the current year calendar) from February thru July 1st.
  3. You get to choose the release date when those stored calendars are shipped to your door.
  4. Perhaps best of all, WE DO NOT CHARGE your calendar order until the promotional advertising calendars are ready to leave the factory.

We take pride in having some of the best personnel in the calendar printing industry.   When you speak to our customer service it will take only a few minutes to discover they are genuinely caring and knowledgeable about your imprinted calendar order.   We strongly feel we don’t have to play the sales game to attract customers because once our customers experience our imprinted advertising calendar quality and service they will understand the true value in their purchase.

So, the next time you see deeply discounted calendars on sale ask them this question.   How long have you been selling on the Internet?   Or better yet, do a search of their website for yourself at Wayback Time Machine.   You will notice our site goes back to 1999 and we were actually online selling even before that.

There’s a reason many companies offer so many calendar sales.   The problem is so many of these companies soon discover that playing that game might snag a few customers, but in the long run they don’t survive the test of time practicing business that way.   Don’t you really want to do business with a solid, well-established company that will sell you calendars this year…and still be around after ten more years?

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Here’s Why Stick-on Promotional Advertising Calendars Are Popular

One of the most versatile and functional calendars used for promotional advertising is known by several different names.   They’ve been referred to as Hang-ups, Stick-ups, Peel-N-Stick®, Press-N-Stick™ its all about the same small vinyl calendar with the adhesive backing and the tear-off pad.

What makes this calendar so popular?   That’s easy.   You can put it where you need it and it’s convenient.   It’s also small enough to mail out with correspondence from the office such as invoices, purchase orders, you name it.   That makes it handy for your customers and also handy to distribute.

What many people don’t realize about these calendars is we have many different options when putting together a promotional advertising calendar such as this.   Consider these unique ways to use the stick-on style of calendar:

  • Create a die-cut unique vinyl shape.   While we offer a wide variety of stock shapes and designs, it certainly is possible to have a shape cut that is unique to a company’s image.   There is some additional expense to producing the die, but once we have it we will store that die for future orders for future years and only use it for you.
  • Split season date pad.   Assume you have a mid-summer tradeshow and you would like to give a calendar away.   No problem.   We can assemble for you a stick-on calendar that begins and ends with any month (for up to 24 consecutive months).   Therefore, if you want to give a calendar away starting in the month of July and ending 18 months later…you can do it.
  • Magnetic backing instead of adhesive.   We give options.   If you would prefer to give out this style of calendar that contains a magnet rather than adhesive backing, several of the same shapes are available.   Discuss this with one of our sales representatives.
  • Over-sized vinyl.   Sometimes you have just too much information to say on a standard sized calendar…that’s why we offer the possibility of super-sized stick-up options.
  • Full color is also a possibility.   Full-color printing on vinyl has come a long way over the past several years.   Yes, we can print your stick-on calendars in full color.   Call one of our customer service representatives today for additional details on this option.
  • Business card sleeve.   Have multiple folks in the office who each want to use a promotional advertising calendar?   May we suggest our business card sleeve stick-up?   Here a customer simply slips in their business card and starts handing them out.   Quick.   Simple.   Easy.

All of the suggestions you see above are special order items where we suggest talking to one of our sales personnel about your specific needs.   That’s why you won’t find any of these items (mentioned above) priced on the website.

Indeed, the stick-on style of calendars can be found almost anywhere in homes, autos, offices and factory locations.   You’ll find them stuck inside of portfolios, briefcases,  in autos behind visors, on dashboards, near hard-wired telephones, on filing cabinets, computer monitors, near cash registers, the list goes on and on.

The stick-on calendar with its low price point also happens to be one of the most popular imprinted promotional advertising calendar styles for first-time calendar buyers.   The investment is rather minimal, but the payback in getting a company’s name billboarded for prospects to see can pay huge dividends to the advertiser.

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