Our Imprinted Promotional Advertising Calendars Are Made In Minnesota

Well over 90 percent of the imprinted promotional advertising calendars we produce for customers are manufactured and shipped right here from Minnesota.   Does that mean anything to you?   There was a time when Made In America meant something special to many consumers.

Now it seems as though we have turned into more of a global market.   Items once considered ridiculously cheap and poorly made from sections of the globe are no longer viewed in that same manner.   Quality products can come from half a world away just like they can come from the shop owner on the nearby street corner.   Times have certainly changed and along with that so has attitudes.

And while all this is true we still feel that products made right here in North America are some of the best to be found anywhere on the planet.   In a printing world where it’s commonplace to find imports from overseas, we feel that you can see and feel a real difference in the products we manufacture vs. the imports.

In fact, when it comes to printing calendars for advertising purposes no other state in the country can boast it employs more people within this unique industry than Minnesota.   All combined, over 1,000 full-time and seasonal part-time employees live and work in Minnesota to bring imprinted promotional advertising calendars direct to your door.

Indeed, for over 4 decades Minnesota has been the epicenter for the production of quality calendar products serving customers worldwide.

Here in the Gopher State we take great pride in producing quality products at a value price.   The calendar producers in this state, some of which are our friendly competitors, all have a solid work ethic and take great pride in producing a top-notch product that we would be proud to hang on our walls.   We all understand how the calendars we produce and sell to you represent your important business image and brand so it pays dividends when they only look and perform the very best.

Certainly the next time you are in the market for a promotional advertising calendar you have many options in which you can choose.   We encourage our customers to buy local, when available for many reasons, not the least of which it keeps Americans employed.   But we also think when you are looking for superb quality to promote your brand it’s not necessary or always practical to be looking half way around the world when you can get the best imprinted promotional advertising calendars right here.

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