5 Reasons Your Brand Should Appear On An Advertising Calendar

There are many items, often called “promotional products,” that can feature a company’s advertising message, but few live up to the marketing performance that an imprinted promotional calendar can provide to a business.   Consider these reasons why your business should take a second look at using calendars as a marketing tool:

  1. Calendars get used.   A recent survey shows that 92% of the people who receive an advertising calendar will keep and actively use it.   Part of the reason for this is everyone needs a calendar to manage their busy lifestyle.   Unlike many other promotional products that get shoved in a closet or stowed into a drawer, the calendar gets displayed in open spaces for everyone to see.
  2. Calendars offer repeat exposure to a message.   Almost all calendar users will admit to observing a calendar at least once each day.   But did you know that over 60% of calendar users admit to looking at a calendar between 2-10 times each day?   It’s true.
  3. Calendars offer subtle endorsement of your brand.   When someone displays your calendar it tells everyone who might see that calendar how they have a special relationship with you.   As a general rule, folks don’t display products given to them by businesses lacking favor or trust.
  4. Calendars often hang in high-traffic locations.   Generally calendars get placed where the need is greatest.   This usually means they get located where the most eyes can see it–near cash registers, customer service counters, meeting rooms, kitchen tables, etc.   During the course of the day a single calendar could possibly make hundreds of impressions on the eyes of new prospects who happen to view your brand or message.
  5. Calendars work for 365 (or more) days then allow for message updates.   One of the beautiful aspects of an appointment wall calendar is the images get updated monthly.   But another great aspect of an imprinted advertising calendar is how it self-expires in a year.   The big benefit here is you get to update your promotional message with fresh copy and it’s a known fact most calendar users like to replace a currently used calendar with a style that is already familiar with them.

There are many reasons as a marketer to use calendars as a tool for your business promotion.   Printed advertising calendars are not only appreciated by your customers and prospects as gifts, but you can depend on them getting used to build your brand’s awareness.

We often tell people how calendars offer billboard advertising in key spaces where a marketer could not otherwise promote their message.   Oh, sure, giving out a coffee cup with lettering 1/4″ high has its purpose in the promotional world, but certainly a calendar with 1″ or taller letters speaks much louder and commands immediate marketing attention.

When you stop to consider how most calendars only cost a marketer a penny(ies) per day, per calendar to broadcast their message, it’s easy to establish how calendars don’t cost a business, they reward a business during the normal course of their use.

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