Coupon Calendars Make Good Sense For Your Business

We all pretty much understand the process of how couponing works.   If you’re a store owner…let’s say a grocery store, pizza restaurant or really any kind of a retail trade store, coupons as an inducement to shop has long been effective.

Now, think of the calendar as being the perfect vehicle to deliver those coupons to your customers and prospects.   Here’s a tool that folks will keep for a year…turn the page in time with the changing of the months…and voilà!   A year’s worth of coupons can be easily at hand.

Our custom coupon calendar (CN-CUS5) is a great place to start your coupon calendar searching.

Our custom coupon calendar (CN-CUS5) is a great place to start your coupon calendar searching.

But enough about the mechanics of how a coupon calendar can work.   Our customer service folks are skilled to develop your custom coupon calendar to appear in any shape or form you need it.

Today, however, we’re going to look at tracking how you should use a coupon calendar.   After all, how do you know if this type of advertising works if you don’t set up a system to measure results?

Now, there’s several ways you can do this.   The most obvious way is to simply collect the coupons and count how many offers were actually taken advantage of by the coupon transaction.   But, I contend there is a much better way to track real results.

We suggest that folks who use our coupon calendars ask their cashiers to do one little step when collecting a coupon transaction.   On the backside of the coupon where it’s blank, we encourage store owners to train their employees to write the dollar amount of the total sale on the coupon–not just the dollar amount for the coupon product purchased–but the total dollars the customer spent in the store.

In essence, a much better way to track coupon calendar effectiveness is to measure how much money was spent by the customer using the coupon.   We all know the coupon was being used as a tool to entice the customer into the store or restaurant that day.   Why not find out just how much money they actually spent once they got there?

Chances are the total dollars generated by that transaction is quite significant.   These are dollars business owners have to attribute to coupon sales.    It’s the most accurate way to measure if your coupon calendar program is working to increase your cash flow in a significant manner.

I think you’ll be surprised to learn how not only do coupon calendars, when used effectively, makes good business sense reminding your customers where to do their shopping, but they also can add important dollars to the store’s bottom line.

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