Choosing The Best Promotional Advertising Calendar For Effectiveness

Choosing the most effective calendar for a promotional advertising campaign shouldn’t be that difficult, or should it?   Well, apparently some of our past customers have had their issues…let me explain.

I talked one day to a scratch golfer whose single passion in life happened to be golf.   Unfortunately, his career was in banking so he often melded the two activities whenever he could.   So, when it came time to order calendars to give away to the banking customers the choice was rather obvious.   That’s right…he ordered up several boxes of golf-themed calendars.

He was so excited.   Inside the calendar featured an image of one of Augusta National’s famous holes known as “Amen Corner.”   The customers will be so excited.   Trouble is…the calendars didn’t strike a chord with the largely blue collar clients who entered the bank’s lobby.   Of course, it was the calendar’s fault so they were never ordered again.

CN-1706 Beautiful America

Same holds true for the auto body shop owner who ordered all hotrod calendars.   There were gorgeous images inside featuring Pontiac GTO’s, lowboy Deuce coupés, various roadsters…the sort of cars that make many grease monkeys drool.   Contrary to the banker’s experience, these calendars flew off the shelf and were in high demand.

That is, until the year he decided to change things up and order wildlife calendars.   His customers revolted.   They had grown accustomed to receiving and using car-themed calendars.   Pictures of deer and quail just didn’t cut it, at least for most customers.

The point is the best promotional calendar for a particular customer is NOT what the buyer of the calendar likes, it is what the likes are of the customers and prospects who are intended to use the calendars.

Careful calendar purchasing begins with understanding the calendar user.   You might be a dentist with a passion for airplanes, but handing those calendars out to your patients would be a total waste of time and money.

Keep in mind that calendar users have to connect with the calendar in some manner or they won’t be likely to use it.   Remember, for most wall calendars a customer must view a picture for 30 or more days.   If the subject isn’t something they like to look at…well, it likely will not get used.

Smart calendar advertisers purchase with an eye toward their customers.   The goal is to get the calendar hung on the wall so it creates that year-long “billboard” advertising affect.   Sometimes it means purchasing calendars that a buyer doesn’t personally find appealing, yet customers will use.

As a tip, we offer this advice.   Our number one selling calendar is CN-1706 Beautiful America for a good reason.   It has broad appeal to the widest range of calendar users.   After all, who doesn’t like to look at pretty scenic pictures all year?   So, when in doubt stick with a proven winner like a scenic calendar.   However, if you are certain your customer or prospect base is better entertained by a theme specific calendar…go with that.

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