Calendars Make An Important Statement About The Calendar User

Consider the job applicant who is asked to come into the office for an interview.   Nervously, they sit down…try to catch their breath…initially avoid eye contact with the interviewer, but then it all begins.   We’ve all heard how those first few moments–first impressions–can tell a lot about a person.   Well, guess what it works both ways!

Now that the interview is in full swing with the interviewer volleying questions after question toward the applicant…there is hardly a chance to ever stop and relax.   This is pressure to the extreme and most job applicants would rather sit in a dentist office to get a tooth pulled than be interviewed about their future career.

Our CN-3212 Planes calendar is a popular choice among aviation buffs.

But so the interview goes.   Eventually the candidate glances away from the interviewer to check out the decor in the office.   Guess what…one of the most notable things many office visitors see is the large calendar hanging on the interviewer’s wall.   But this is no ordinary calendar, mind you…this one has vintage planes.

Suddenly, the job applicant starts breathing a bit easier.   He realizes he may have a common interest with the human resource person.   After all, to get a job a person needs to make a positive impression at some point.   A shared interest is usually a great place to start.

Suddenly, the interview turns more informal.   The applicant realizes the worst is behind him.   In fact, he’s starting to feel quite confident that he handled all of the tough questions like a pro.   Now, it’s time to make an impact.

“I see you like old planes,” the applicant asks the interviewer.   He further goes on to state how he likes going to air shows and photograph them in flight.   It’s been a hobby for the job applicant for over 10 years.   “Really,” says the interviewer.   He goes on to explain how he’s been a pilot for over 20 years.

In this case a simple calendar helped break the ice and aided the applicant to leave a positive last impression as he was heading out the door.

Calendars are great ice breakers that way.   They allow you to wear on your sleeve some of the passions near and dear to your heart.   They can make a statement about your life and who you are.

At we’ve got over 250 different calendar styles that can open doors to communication.   Which calendar do we have that would best hang on your office wall?

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