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You’re leaving for vacation on December 12th…how many weeks away is that?   Better yet, you’re a hog farmer and you know the gestation period for your hogs is about 16 weeks out…when will you be farrowing?   But wait…maybe you’re getting married next April and you’ve been told you need to rent a reception facility at least 8 months prior to ensure availability?   What is your deadline?

CN-5700 Rotating Date Planning Calendar

CN-5700 Rotating Date Planning Calendar

Each of these questions can be quickly answered with this perpetual rotating date calendar.   Simply point the arrow to today’s date and then read the grid.   It’s pretty easy, and needless to say a very handy tool.   Perhaps best of all this is an advertising tool that will last for years and be long appreciated by your customers.

Give us a call today to see how you can be handing this calendar out to your customers.   And unlike many calendars that begin in January, this tool can be distributed any time with year-round functionality.   Call today Toll-Free (866) 877-4879 for a price quotation.

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